I was about to pass this question, and I wouldn’t say I like to interfere with other people’s beliefs even when asked directly, which is not the case.

I worked for some years in a jewellery store that also had some crystals (amethysts and other kinds of quartz) to sell “as pieces”(meaning, not mounted nor like jewellery).

The owner, a sincere man, always instructed us not to engage in any discussion about that matter with customers and only say (when/if asked)that we had stones, “gems”, but we can not say anything about “powers” or “energy”. In my opinion, it was a very clever, honest and coherent position. 

That made me develop a vast interest in geology and gemology.

Crystals are their physical properties, like reflection, refraction, hardness, rarity, etc.

However, among those properties are not the capacity or power to “cure”. Of course, I am not a gemologist or geologist, but if you ask anybody in these fields, and not any self-claimed “medicine man”, they will tell you the same.

If you sincerely believe it is going to make you good, go ahead. It will make you good. Somehow.

But are not the crystals “working”, is your brain and the well-known placebo effect, as far as we know in science.

I am writing this because I hate people that try to scam other people’s good faith.

We are far from knowing “all”(in science), but there are certain things we do know. And one of them is that crystals and other similar items (like homoeopathy, Bach flowers, etc.)can only have a placebo effect. No real “cure power”. Which can be ok in a “nervous allergy” but life-threatening in an infection.

Which is different from phytotherapy, or in other words, the properties of some plants to cure certain illnesses(like quinine, taken from a tree, and used to treat malaria. Even that, it is not free of side effects).

The pharma industry tries to synthesize some compounds, put a royalty on them, and make a profit. But many things are in nature, as our ancestors knew it well. But as chemical compounds. (of course, they only knew it worked, but not the mechanism).

As much as I hate the pharma industry and its greed, please, seek a doctor if you have a severe illness (or even a not so serious one). So far, it is the least harmful way we have. Medical science has improved the lives of many people.

But of course, it is all about money(as is Homeopathy, crystals. However, some researchers are dedicated, people. We owe this folk some gratitude. That is the way I see it.


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