Hello beautiful people,
Whether you are already passionate about crystals, or are very newly crystal-curious. 
My name is Dola Onikoyi.
I am a strong believer that crystals can fill our life with positive energy, their uniquely radiant and sparkling make gives them a magical feel. I will never forget the first time I entered a crystal shop. It was my final year at Uni and I was waiting for my study buddy to join me at the park for our usual outdoor revision session. While waiting for her I started reviewing my notes and before I realized, one hour had passed and still no sign of my friend. I therefore reached for my phone to give her a call but she beat me to it and explained in a very apologetic voice that she was sorry for keeping me waiting and that she would not be able to join me.

I continued my revisions for about an extra hour then decided to head back home to refresh myself. Close to bus stop near the park, there was a small boutique with nothing on the window display but the following words: Healing, Love, Wellness, Energy, Cleansing.
It got me curious so I entered and that’s where I had my first encounter with crystals. The shop was full of shelves and boxes filled with them. Big crystals, small crystals, rough crystals, polish crystals you name it. While looking around, I felt attracted to a particular box, when I got closer to the box, I saw the most beautiful stone I had ever seen, it was a small rough amethyst. I pick it and instantly felt connected to it. From that day my interest for stones kept growing and so did my collection 😊.

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