Pendant meanings in English for beginners:

Amber pendant meaning:

Amber stimulates the intellect, clears depression, and promotes a positive mental state. It is a stone that
helps promote self-expression. The great thing about this is that it keeps you grounded and helps keep
your emotions balanced. Wearing an Amber pendant will help cleanse your chakra, especially the throat
chakra. It will absorb negative energy and turn it into a positive force to stimulate the body to heal itself.
Wearing an Amber pendant is great for treating goiters, boosting immunity, headaches and has many
more qualities for healing the physical and emotional body. It is worth using as it may also heal health
problems you forgot you had until they are gone.


Sword pendant meaning:

The sword stands for power, protection, authority, force, and courage; metaphysically, it depicts the
discrimination and penetrating power of the intellect. It is a symbol of knighthood and chivalry.
Knights were once applauded for their courage and bravery so the sword pendant
brings back all these values. It also symbolizes protection and fighting for the less
privileged. King Arthur was known for being a popular heroic monarch according to
However, in Buddhism, the sword stands for something more abstract. It
stands against prejudice in thoughts meaning that it fights to unveil the truth
and bring it to light.


Sun and Moon pendant meaning:

Sun and moon pendants are the perfect way to bring balance to the wearer. Moonlight is known for its
supercharging attributes. It increases emotions and intuitions while Sunlight powerfully shines away
stale energy and is an extremely activating force as it brings life, abundance, and peace. Combining the
two can only bring the best of both worlds. It’s also made us understand how keeping balance in our
lives and in the different actions we take is important. They both work in unity; therefore, one cannot be
separate from the other, wearing them as a pendant is an excellent reminder of that. Together they
project the perfect equilibrium.


Yin Yang pendant meaning:

Ying Yang pendant brings love and balance. The Ying represents femineity, softness, submission, and
coolness while the yang represents masculinity, strength, fire, movement. Together they are known to
be the gatekeeper of balance and harmony in the universe. The two-part joined together to create a full
spare bringing together their separate attributes to the wearer. It protects the wearer from unbalance
and negative energy and encourages establishing harmony between the ups and downs in life. It
represents the duality in life and reminds us to always keep in mind that there are always two sides to a


Elephant pendant meaning:

Elephant pendant is known to bring wellbeing and good luck to the wearer. It symbolizes strength,
determination, and good fortune which are valuable attributes in this day and age. In Hinduism, the
elephant is a very strong symbol as it brings wisdom, protection, and good luck. Other meanings include
intelligence, loyalty, and majesty. Wearing an elephant pendant with its trunk raised attracts
and spread good fortune, positive energy while wearing an elephant pendant with its
trunk down symbolizes accumulating positive energy while pushing through obstacles in
life. It is perfect to wear if you are seeking fertility, wisdom, or strength.


Copper pendant meaning:

Wearing copper brings a lot of benefits to the wearer. It is known to connect the physical and the
spiritual world. It magnifies energy transfer for the wearer when paired with crystals. Copper symbolizes
love and balance and has the ability to connect individuals, crystals, aura, the mind, and the spiritual
In terms of health benefits, wearing a copper pendant helps improve blood circulation, reduces stiff joints
and pains due to arthritis or rheumatism. Copper also fights lethargy, restlessness, and passivity.
It will also encourage you to become physically and emotionally aligned. That will lead to clearer
thinking and less aggressive behavior.

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