Does crystal healing really work? How do you use it?

Like all placebos, crystals will seem to alleviate psychosomatic complaints, but ONLY if the patient truly believes it.

As a geologist, I literally spent a career working with crystals. They can be beautiful, intricate, and utterly fascinating, but they absolutely, positively have zero “power” to change anything more serious than a credulous victim’s bad mood.

Real illnesses require real doctors.

Look up the Placebo Effect. You could get the same shamanistic “healing” with sugar pills or chanting, smoke, and feathers…as long as the “patient” believed in it.

Positive effects from placebos on real illnesses are no mystery. What usually happens in the course of an illness when no medicine at all is given? The body’s immune system eventually overcomes the illness and the patient is cured.

This is the clinical test that makes any treatment a placebo. It makes no difference if a placebo is given or not, the cure rate is identical to doing nothing.

Do crystals have anything to do with spirituality or is it superstition?

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