Do you believe in gemstone and crystal healing?

Do you believe in gemstone and crystal healing

Do you believe in gemstone and crystal healing? A real-life experience I shared in this post. I think you collect some practice real-life experience. Let’s start…..

Gemstones have tremendous power, and utmost care should be taken to select the suitable one that belongs to the Birthyogi planet of the native.

In any case, one should avoid wearing a Gemstone corresponding to the Avayogi planet of the native.

As you have asked for a real-life experience, let me narrate one among many, which happened about 14 years back.

My friend’s daughter was married to a handsome and well to do groom, living about 100 km away. Everything went on smoothly for about 6 months.

One day the couple came to my friend’s house. The couple hosted a great lunch. In the evening, the husband left the house and went to his house without informing anybody. On searching nearby places, my friend came to know his daughter was abandoned in his home only late in the night.

Even after several efforts on his own and with family friends, the husband refused to join with his wife.

My friend was also a practising astrologer. Nothing unusual was predicted in his daughter’s horoscope.

About 6 months later, one day, we were discussing some astrology topics. Out of curiosity, we went through the husband’s horoscope and learned that the planet Mars is the Avayogi planet for the husband. I inquired whether his daughter is wearing the Gemstone Red Coral, related to Mars.

My friend was also having a small jewellery shop looked after by his son. He replied that it is usual practice for girls to wear Red Coral on medical grounds.

I advised him to remove the ring fitted with Gemstone Red Coral from his daughter’s finger. Fortunately, he immediately responded to this advice.

After 2 days, without any other initiatives, the husband came to my friend’s house and took his daughter along with him in the same evening. After that, they led a happy married life.

People should be very cautious about Gemstones corresponding to the Avayogi planet.

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