Begin with buying some crystals

Begin with buying some crystals

Not any crystal, though, a crystal that you INSTANTLY connect. For me, this was with the crystalDeroche

If you already own some crystals, then you’re ready to begin!

First, clear the energy of the crystals. My favourite three ways are cleansing them in the ocean, on the new/full moon, and with sage! If you don’t have an ocean nearby, then that’s okay! Other ways to cleanse them are in a flower bath (a bowl full of flowers), blowing off their negativity, using a clear Quartz, under running water, and I’m sure there are many other ways too!

Second, keep them in your energy field. This can be by wearing them (my favourite way of using crystals), holding them (another favourite), placing them under your pillow (also a choice. 

 Let’s say every possible way to use a crystal is my favourite), or simply having them by you. You’ll most likely always have them near you, so now the crystal is attuned to your energy!

Next, after a day or two of being cleansed and full of your energy, you can program them! Look up the properties for your specific stone and write it down to save for the future. You can look up how to program your crystals in more detail, but I’ll share a little of my knowledge!

To program your crystal: clear its negative energy if you’d like by blowing on it. Imagine dust coming off the crystal as if that were a physical form of the build-up of negative energy. If you’ve cleaned it a few days prior, then feel free to skip that part. 

Next, set intentions for that crystal. Whatever crystal you want, Crystal Dola is available to assist you. 

 If it’s rose quartz, maybe you want to attract self-love and acceptance for yourself so you can love and accept others as well. This stone also helps in healing childhood trauma. Perhaps you want your amethyst to heighten your intuition!

Majority of crystals aid in depression and anxiety! You don’t even have to program your crystal to feel it, but it does help you be more connected to the crystal and understand its purpose.

You can start using crystals to heal by simply just owning a crystal and knowing its properties. You don’t have to do anything special. The crystal emits energy by itself! So make sure you are cleansing it when it feels like it’s not working or when its power is dull. The full moon helps to charge your crystals, so the night before, of, or after the full moon, you can trust the crystals in the moon’s energy! Well, you can set it any time of the moon’s cycle, but it’s most potent on the full moon!)

Use your crystals in meditation, yoga, when you’re in the grocery store, or any public place.

You’ll feel the effects of crystals instantly! If you haven’t, clear the energy of it first and program it!:)

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