Why are healing crystals so popular these days?

Why are healing crystals so popular these days?

Some people believe that everything has energy and that different crystals help heal other things. For example, the rose quartz crystal helps heal the heart chakra; it is the love and beautiful stone.

 Each crystal has its meaning and purpose. Some people use crystals during meditation or communicate with spirits and different types of spells and rituals. 

I believe they are also famous for their beauty; some people love how they look and wear them in their jewellery. I have even heard of people that communicate with their crystal. People also cleanse their crystals in different ways with sage or leave them under the moon for a night with saltwater.

 I want to use crystals to help me relax or focus on healing and my desires, but now I realize that it is wiser to turn to The Highest (God) for those things and that the origin of crystals comes from fallen angels. The Roman Catholic church tried to hide knowledge by taking out the book of Enoch where it tells how the fallen Angels taught men how to make weapons, how to do witchcraft and use crystals. 

They also taught astrology and painting the face to beautify oneself (makeup) and jewellery decorating yourself, which God says a corrupted man led to much fornication and defilement.

 Many people do not know this or don’t care because they like what they like and continue to use crystals in their charts, spells, etc., instead of turning to God’s direct source. Everything comes from something, but most people are followers and don’t research where it came from. Christmas is a perfect example of that.

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