Sacred Symbol Pendants


Wear your Sacred Symbol Pendants as a reminder of the infinite possibilities that life has to offer. These symbols are an ancient language that speaks to us all, and they hold great power and meaning for those who wear them. Let these pendants be an inspiration to you, and allow their magic to work its wonders in your life.

Sacred symbols are the language of the Universe. They are symbols recognized throughout the world as a way of conveying or communicating a message. They represent a meaning without necessarily conveying any words. Like symbols in societies and in our dreams, they express to us a definition, purpose, and often reason they are in our lives or make their presence known in times when we need them most!

Here, we combine the intrinsic power of Sacred symbols with the magic of the mineral kingdom to bring you life-affirming, motivational, and inspiring “jewelry with intention” to fuel your daily life!

The Power of OM with Lapis Lazuli: Paramahansa Yogananda called it “the vibration of the Cosmic Motor.” The great father of yoga, Patanjali, advised using it to overcome the obstacles and distractions in life – all those stones in the path of enlightenment. Aum (or OM) is a vital part of the science of yoga…

The Symbol of Yoga with Tiger’s Eye: Vrksasana or Tree Pose is one of yoga’s most grounding and rooted asanas. Symbolizing the balance of life with the rooted-ness to earth, it is the opposing forces of stillness and movement, light and dark, yin and yang or energy moving in two directions…

The Infinity Knot with Opalite: The Celtic version of the Endless or Eternity Knot, this symbol is also referred to as the mystic knot suggesting that in life, there are no beginnings or endings. In seeing these exquisite knots, you will not see a beginning or an end, and consequently, we are reminded of the timeless nature of our spirit…

Approximately 2″ inches stone/symbol with a 12-inch pewter chain with a claw clasp. Jewelry also comes with healing properties of stone, how to clean and work with your pendant, and an organza bag for storage.

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