Preseli Stone Pendant


This pendant is made from the very same Preseli bluestones that were used at the Stonehenge standing stones. These stones only occur in one place in the entire world, making this pendant a rare and unique piece of jewelry. It comes complete with a certificate of authenticity that guarantees its origins.

Preseli Stone Pendant

The Preseli bluestones are the stone that was used at the Stonehenge standing stones. This stone only occurs in one place in the entire world, Carn Meini in the Preseli Mountains.  That makes them unique both physically and energetically!

The properties of Preseli bluestones include help with dream work, past life recall, willpower, spiritual gift enhancer, power as a meditation stone, and has been used for protection, energy enhancer, dowsing, and for receiving messages. Keep a piece close to you in your working environment or under your pillow.

These powerful healing vial pendants measure approximately 1″ long. You can wear them and also use them like a pendulum.

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