Rainbow Quartz Pendant


These beautiful quartz pendants have been irradiated to bring out their hidden colors. The pink and green Heart Chakra stones are accented with a gold cap and fine gold-colored chain. Perfect for wearing or gifting, these unique pendants are sure to please.


Rainbow Quartz Pendant

These stunning irradiated rainbow quartz stones have beautiful Heart Chakra colors of pink and green. They are accented with a gold cap and fine gold-colored chain. These quartz stones are treated to bring out their hidden colors.

Pink gives power to love and self-love. It is the color from red with passion and white with purity. This is the color of forgiveness. Pink is the color of compassion. Pink is associated with the Heart Chakra.  It represents the soothing love and purest joy of our emotions!

Green is the most healing and balancing color on the planet. Green is the harmonizing, balancing energy. It is associated with abundance and giving. Its strong tie to nature is very important in bringing, peaceful, calming energy.

Together, these colors express pure love, light, and connection!

These stones are irregular cut. They measure approximately 1″ inch long and 3/4″ wide. They come with an adjustable chain, information pamphlet, and organza storage pouch.

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