Moonstone Crystal Towers


Color: Rainbow Moonstone – 1 Pc
Material: Natural Gemstone
Brand: Amazing Gemstone

Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Towers ~ Natural Healing Crystal Point Obelisk for Reiki Healing and Crystal Grid

About this item
Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Tower length wand / obelisk / point is 2″ inch to 3″ inch (5cm to 7.5cm) & width is 0.75 inch (2 cm).

If you place your crystal tower in an area with dense, low energy, be sure to cleanse your crystal often.

Crystal wand configuration enhances the metaphysical and healing properties of the source crystal. A crystal point is a powerful crystal tool. When placed facing away, the crystal point directs energy outward.

One can utilize Crystal Points in multiple ways, here are some most commons. As an air purifier for your space, To send healing energy to someone, To attract business abundance, As the center point of a crystal grid, For meditation and stress relief, For protection & For setting focused intentions.

Crystal Obelisks amplify energy and focus it through the apex. They help to attain mental, physical, and emotional balance.

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