Angel Halo Pendant


Halo pendant necklace benefits

There are many benefits of wearing a halo pendant necklace. Some of the key benefits include:
1) Increased Positive Aura: A halo can increase your positive aura, which can attract positive energy and help to improve your overall well-being.
2) Wearing a Halo Pendant Can Help Reduce Stress Levels: According to some studies, wearing a halo can help reduce stress levels and improve mental clarity. This is likely due to the fact that wearing a halo creates feelings of peace and tranquility.
3) Halo Pendants Are Good For Your Eyesight: According to some studies, wearing a hale pendant can help improve your eyesight as it forms a protective field around your eyes.
4) Halo Pendants Are Good For Your Health: There are many health benefits associated with wearing a halo necklace.


Angel Halo Pendant

This transcending angel is featured in gold cast pewter with 18 zirconite stones in a brilliant halo circling around the edge. Zirconite is a stone of quiet vibrations. Zirconite enables one to be at peace with oneself. This stone of great purity can create unity with the Higher Self, angels, and spirit guides.

The Angel Halo Pendant is approximately 1 inch in diameter and is accompanied by an 18″ gold plated chain with a clasp and bag to store it in. Wear your angelic protection!


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