Cultivate Positivity and Healing in Your Life with Crystals

People usually buy crystal jewelry and ornaments for decoration purposes only. However, they have a greater purpose that can benefit their owners spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Countless stones and crystals have been discovered globally, and each of them carries distinct powers that can ensure peaceful and empowered lives if used correctly. While these stones and crystals are surely beneficial, there are some ways in which people can use them to their fullest potential. Research and study are required to choose the best-fitting stone for different medical conditions and spiritual assistance. Some stones with their healing properties and ways of using them are listed in this article. People can choose the stones according to their needs and use them while in meditation to maintain the balance of their chakras. 


Jade has been seen as a representation of heaven’s brightness and light. It was also used to ache body aches and pains by ancient Mayans and Aztecs. Historically, it was used to carve into ornaments, jewelry, weapons, and tools. These carvings are sought the heavenly powers that brought people good luck, long life, prosperity, and success. 

  • Jade is known to detoxify and purify the body. It is also helpful in pregnancy as it provides support to the mother. 
  • People can also seek help from Jade ornaments and wearables to treat their anxiety and/or agitation and bring themselves absolute peace.  
  • Spiritually, it is known to stimulate guiding and visionary dreams that show us the path befitting for us—wearing it on the body while sleeping induces these dreams. For this, you can buy Crystal Shelf from Crystal Deroche. Read more Crystal Blog

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known to shower its owner with joy, love, empathy, compassion, self-acceptance, and healing. It is mostly beneficial for bringing peace and calmness to the heart chakra. 

  • It is known to stimulate bodily healing after deterioration as well as enhance neuron activity and blood circulation. It also supports pregnant mothers and infants during the post-natal period. 
  • Rose Quartz tends to bring us calm, inner peace, and serenity. It also relieves the body of egotistic tendencies. 
  • It repels the negative energies and attracts love and balance. Wearing it close to heart chakra could be more helpful. 
  • So get yourself a Healing crystal from Crystal Deroche.


Aquamarine has been known as the protector of sailors by calming the high waves at sea. It protects wearers’ energies and helps build their intellectual power. It also increases self-consciousness and helps achieve better communication. It has a closer affinity with the throat chakra. 

  • It carries healing properties for the throat, lungs, and respiratory tract. 
  • Using it while meditating opens up the doors to a higher level of consciousness, spiritual awakening, and courage.   
  • It stimulates mental functions and tends to lower the guard created by our egos to help us see the relationships clearly and save them. To benefit from its maximum potential, we suggest wearing it close to the throat. You can get So get yourself a Healing crystal from Crystal Deroche.
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