Do crystals have anything to do with spirituality or is it superstition?

+10 for “superstition.” There is no evidence that crystals are anything but pretty, and trying to associate them with spirituality is an insult to the word.

Spirituality is a word that insults different angels. People justifiably mark meaningless. I think that’s excessive, but I understand. If a comment gets peed on enough, you stop wanting to put it in your mouth.

I like the definition that “spirituality is about the expression of true self” — i.e.

 It’s what the true self does with its abundant spare resources: it makes love, truth, and justice and joy and spreads that stuff around. Those universal/timeless values are the meat and potatoes of authentic spirituality. 

I want to rescue the word from the morass of religious dogma and New Age flakiness, dust it off, and imbue it with courage, integrity, vision, and personal responsibility. When it’s all shiny like that, maybe it will look sort of like a crystal. But don’t mistake a rock for spirituality.

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