Cleansing and charging your crystal’s energy – especially when you first bring them home is an important part of being a crystal owner. Regularly spending a bit of time giving them love and attention will keep the connection between your personal energy and your crystals strong.


A common belief in the crystal world is that crystals easily pick up “bad "or “negative” energies, and therefore should be kept away from being touched by friends who may be carrying less than positive vibes. It’s human nature to want to assign a characteristic to energy but in truth,what’s condidered “good” by one person might be considered “bad” by another,it’s more about personal preferences.

To worry that your crystals need constant cleansing and “protection” will in the end short sight you and keep you focus on the negative which is definitely not what you want. It disregards the innate power within the crystals themselves to keep clear and high vibrating on their own!

If you use crystals for on-body-healing, especially in the case of grief or illness, then supporting crystals with a focused cleanse and charge can indeed be necessary.


Other then that, a monthly recharge are often all that crystals needs to remain fully  activated. Here are different methods that can be used to cleanse and charge crystals.



  1. Smoke of sage, incense, palo santo, or smudge sticks waved over the stone at a distance of at least 2 feet away. Just like smoke clears out your home or office space energetically, it is great for clearing out your crystals.


  1. Place the crystal in a singing bowl and allow the musical vibration to break apart negative energy buildup and replace it with positive. This can be done in a metal Tibetan singing bowl or a Quartz crystal bowl. You could also take the crystals to a sound bath with you


  1. Place your stone on a crystal cluster to rejuvenate your stone. Clusters are crystal points growing out of a common base, always circulating energy.




These cleansing methods are popular but not suitable for all stones. Remember that crystals are mineral, so when placed in liquid, salt, or other substances they may be an adverse reaction. Do you research beforehand to find out if the following cleansing methods are suitable with your crystals.

  1. Water: Water is natures’ most potent cleanser and purifier. Rinse your crystals under a running tap or submerge briefly in a bowl of water.


  1. Earth: Burying your crystals in the earth is another favorite. It grounds the energy back to Source and allows your stone to take a little nap. You can bury your crystals in a potted plant, in your garden, or in the sand at the beach.


  1. Brown rice or Sea Salt: The organic and earthy nature of brown rice is a favorite method among the holistic community. It is cleaner than burying your stones in the soil. Sea salt is another popular option for its cleansing abilities.








To charge your crystal, choose one or more of the following methods:

  1. Use a cluster. This is a dual-purpose method as you can both clean and charge your crystals on one gemstone cluster.


  1. Use a charging crystal. This can be a Selenite stone, an Agate slab, a Carnelian bowl. Any previously cleansed, charged and programmed crystal that has enough stable surface space for the crystal you now want to charge.


  1. The sun provides you with active, healing energies. Leave your crystal under the sun for a full day. Keep in mind that some crystals may fade in the sun, in which case you can place them in indirect sunlight.


  1. The moon provides you with calming, intuitive energies. Leave your crystal under the moon for a full night.