How do you clean aqua aura quartz?

Aqua aura quartz crystal cleaning process

Find a small glass including sea salt and place it inside or hold maintain under walking water or immersed within the Sea or in saltwater; for a few hours.

(During the full moon, let stand a few hours, will dispel all negative energies.) (optional)

While doing so one is releasing all negatively, and the Crystal is re-energized.

Also, the more economic way; place Aqua Aura Crystal in Sunlight or Moonlight for a few hours in your room by the window.

Easy way to clean aqua aura quartz

An aqua aura is prepared in a vacuum chamber from gold vapour by vapour deposition and quartz crystals. The quartz is warming to 871 °C (1,600 °F) in a vacuum, and then the gold vapour is included in the chamber. The gold atoms combine to the crystal’s surface that providing the crystal with a dazzling metallic sheen.

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